The Journey Bracelet is made of natural cork

and has a customized security clasp
The bracelet that grants access to the venue of the 18th Medieval Journey in the Land of Santa Maria is made of natural cork processed by the municipality’s companies, and the security clasp has been customized by engraving the Cross of the Pereiras...
Safe Child Bracelet illustrated by... children
The Safe Child Bracelet, that since 2008 has been offered to families at the entrances to the venue of the Medieval Journey, this year will be illustrated by children from Santa Maria da Feira's schools.
Children’s Comic Book portrays D. Sancho II
The reign of D. Sancho II, the historical period that will be reenacted at the 18th Medieval Journey, is the subject of a children’s comic book that is being created by the students in the 11th L class of the Basic and Secondary School of Santa Maria da Feira...
Theatre Workshop for amateur actors
Registration is open for a theatre workshop, aimed at amateur actors who wish to take part in the Medieval Journey, specifically concerning the theme area of group TEN_TART, who will conduct the training. The course is free, but subject to limited registration.