Live more, feel more: The Experience Tickets are back to the Medieval Journey

Now, you can enjoy the 25th Medieval Journey in the Land of Santa Maria even more. With seven different experiences at your disposal, there will be plenty of activities for all tastes.  From princesses to warriors, not forgetting history and even love, travelling to the past has never been so easy.

As a space that lives on the memories of yesteryear, the “Guided Tour with History” allows those who are passionate about medieval times to have a unique perspective on the deeds of the past while walking through the memories of emblematic places that have left their mark on history.

For those visitors who don’t like to waste time and wish to make the most of their return to the past, the “Thematic Free Pass” allows a quick and effective visit through the different thematic areas of the medieval enclosure.

For those who dream of taking on the role of a protagonist from the Middle Ages, the Medieval Journey also has the solution. Princesses, warriors and knights, our visitors can be whoever they wish in this long-awaited return to the past.

And because family and love will always be at the core of our history, on this 25th Medieval Journey you can also experience “Medieval Family Fashion” or “Get Married on the Journey”.